We offer a group of highly trained sitters that thoroughly enjoy animals and have an extensive knowledge in taking care of pets.  Whether you need someone to just check in on your pet or stay overnight, we will match you with a great sitter.


Sitters can feed, walk, and provide other necessary care for your pet.  The client may wish to meet with the sitter beforehand to discuss specific instructions.


check-in sitting

Booking Fee: $10 for the first day and $2 for each additional day.

Sitter Fee: $15 per visit



overnight sitting

Booking Fee: $10 for the first night and $5 for each additional night.

Sitter Fee: $35 per night

*If pet needs to be checked in on during the day time, the sitter receives $15 per visit in addition to the overnight fee.









pet sitting

fees and payment

Booking Fee:

For all sitting services, a nonrefundable Booking Fee is paid to Executive Sitters online via credit card or PayPal at the time the sitter is scheduled.  There is an additional $5 Late Fee when booking less than 24 hours in advance.

Sitter Fee:

The sitter receives a Sitter Fee which the client pays directly to them.


For sitting on holidays, sitters should be paid an additional $5 per night for overnight sitting, and $5 per visit for check-in sitting.

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