house sitting

fees and payment

Booking Fee:

For all sitting services, a nonrefundable Booking Fee is paid to Executive Sitters online via credit card or PayPal at the time the sitter is scheduled. There is an additional $5 Late Fee when booking less than 24 hours in advance.

Sitter Fee:

The sitter receives a Sitter Fee which the client pays directly to them.


For sitting on holidays, sitters should be paid an additional $5 per night for overnight sitting, and $5 per visit for check-in sitting.

We offer daily, weekly or monthly house sitting.  Whether you need someone to stay at your home overnight while you are gone, or just check in once a day to get your mail and check on your house, we will have a sitter for you.


check-in sitting

Booking Fee: $10 for the first day and $2 for each additional day

Sitter Fee: $15 per visit



overnight sitting

Booking Fee: $10 for the first night and $5 for each additional night

Sitter Fee: $30 per night



long term sitting

Sitters may be booked for long term engagements.  Executive Sitters will charge a $50 Finders Fee and the Sitter Fee will vary per job.

Please contact us to set up a long term house sitter.




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