occasional care

Booking Fee:

$10 for each date requested

Sitter Fee:

1 Child: $11/hr

2 Children: $12/hr

3-4 Children: $13/hr

5+ Children: Contact us for rate

*If you book less than 24 hours in advance, add $2 per hour to the Sitter Fee

Overnight Rates

1-2 Children: $175 (for up to 24 hours)

3-5 Children: $225 (for up to 24 hours)

*Booking fee for overnight sitting is $10 for the first night and $5 for each additional night



event sitters

Weddings, parties, and large group events

Booking Fee: $20

Sitter Fee: $16 per hour, per sitter

*There must be one sitter present for every 5 children.



full-time or seasonal care

Seasonal Care:

Sitters may be booked for an extended period of time, such as a summer or semester.  Executive Sitters will release the sitter to the family for an agreed upon amount of time.  We will charge a one-time Placement Fee ranging from $75-$250, depending on the length of contract, which may be paid by PayPal or by check. All payments between the sitter and client will be negotiated between those parties.

Full-Time Care:

If a family requests full-time care (1 year minimum contract), Executive Sitters will charge a $300 Finder’s Fee.  All payments between the sitter and client will be negotiated between those parties.

Please contact us to set up a full-time or seasonal sitter.

fees and payment

Booking Fee:

For all sitting services, a nonrefundable Booking Fee is paid to Executive Sitters online via credit card or PayPal at the time the sitter is scheduled.

Sitter Fee:

The sitter receives an hourly Sitter Fee which the client pays directly to them at the end of the sitting.

last minute bookings

For bookings made less than 24 hours in advance, there will be an additional $5 Late Booking Fee, and the Sitter Fee will be increased by $2 per hour.


A 3 hour minimum is required.  Sitters should be paid for the minimum even if they are needed less than 3 hours.


For sitting on holidays, sitters should be paid an additional $2/hr.


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